66- Productivity Benefits and case study of time-linking: “A Short pencil is better than a long memory”


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Recording commitments, tasks, scheduled and confirmed “be-there” activities and other pertinent information is key to having a good Personal Productivity System. As the old saying goes: “A short pencil is better than a long memory.”

In other circles and in different environments in the small business environment, the saying has also been “The faintest ink is better than the best memory.”

From the feedback from our listeners who wanted clarification and review of the benefits of the key principles of organization.

This episode deals with the important technique of time-linking(TM). For more details, you can refer to module 9 of the Personal Productivity Premium Seminar course.


1.  Record it — either record it in an electronic tool or write it down (as the old saying goes, “when you think it, ink it!”

Remember that a study was done to see if written notes are easier to recall instead of recording the information in an electronic tool (e.g., digital tools). You can refer to this study and comparison in the following podcast episode:


2. Use your Control Center (or an extension of it) to manage your productivity and avoid losing or forgetting key information.

Another old saying states: “The key to organization is consolidation.” And your Control Center can be the focus for managing information, activities, tasks, projects, commitments and others’ commitments to you.

3. Always use the Time-Linking technique whenever possible.


Case study


You can understand and/or review the Time-Linking(TM) technique with the instruction from module 9 of the Personal Productivity Premium Seminar:

Select this link to view the pdf document on Time-Linking(TM).

To listen to the accompanying audio episode that uses this discussion guide, you can

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65- Overcoming Procrastination — case study of success based on free whitepaper and episodes


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A free whitepaper is available — both in pdf document format and audio episode mp3 format — for the entrepreneurs that want to deal with (and overcome) PROCRASTINATION.





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0B- Retrospective – podcast monetization interview


During my hiatus, I wish to present this bit of evergreen information about podcast monetization (from 2014), which provides an interview of Fred Castaneda, and which is conducted by Doug Foresta of the Coachzing Show (although Doug himself is on hiatus at present).

Here are the show notes from the interview that was previously conducted by Doug Foresta:

The CoachZing Show is a podcast series, available on iTunes(R) and other directories, which delivers interviews with entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, authors and speakers — to discover tips and techniques for effective content creation and marketing. It is available on iTunes and other directories, and it is a free podcast show.

Doug Foresta is the interviewer and host of this podcast show.

In this episode, we have a repurposed interview — as it is originally published by CoachZing.com. The reason why we deliver it in entirety and unedited as the final mp3 file published by CoachZing is that the person being interviewed is Fred Castaneda, who is also the host of The Struggling Entrepreneur podcast and the Podcast Reporter podcast (just 2 of the current active 8 shows).

As you will hear in this audio episode, Doug discusses the potential mistakes of content creators in the world of New Media and podcasting. He also discovers some of the strategies for entrepreneurs to make podcasting a successful tool as part of their marketing. They can do this by generating revenue streams by adding podcasting to their marketing.

We thank Doug for his interview and we know it will provide value to the aspiring entrepreneurs who deal with content creation.

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0A- Podcast hiatus due to caretaking of Alzheimers victim


Thank you to our listeners.

Due to a medical situation, we are taking a break and going on hiatus until further notice. My mother has dementia and is now a victim of the terrible disease of Alzheimers.

My 93-year old mother needs care and attention and cannot be left alone for a minute, due to her condition and the danger to which she exposes herself when she is by herself — by things such as falls, possibility of fractured hips or bones, etc. So my job is a full-time caretaker and caregiver until this situation is over.

I will return to podcasting just as soon as I can.

I thank you for your patience and understanding.

And for those of you who have suffered through a similar ordeal, I thank you for your caregiving and for your prayers.


Your host, F. Castaneda

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63- Ten tools that help save time in Business


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albumart3_gaincontrolThis episode delivers the audio narration of an article as a post that was published on www.solo-e.com by Dana D’Orsi. It was called 10 Tools that help me save time in my business.

As you will hear in this audio episode, these suggested electronic tools are:

1. Dragon Dictation;

2. Evernote;

3. E.ggtimer

4. TimeTrade

5. Teux Deux

6. Unroll.me

7. Outright

8. Dropbox

9. Hootsuite

10. Buffer.

In the article, she explains why these provide value for her business.

Dana D’Orsi also has a free deliverable with “top 9 business-building secrets” located at:



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062- Lisa Wells shows 50 ways to get your time back


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From an Entrepreneur who provides tools for the Virtual Assistant, Lisa Wells has a business at her web site www.Coast2Coastbusiness.com.

Lisa has put together a free ebook called 50 Ways I can save you money and give you your time back.
This audio episode is the audio narration of that publication, which you can get at the web site of www.coast2coastbusiness.com.

There are productivity savings in the action items and several sections that she delivers to entrepreneurs for tasks that can be delegated or outsourced to a virtual assistant. And that leaves the entrepreneur available to use the freed-up time for managing the business, creating the value — creating content, pursuing sales and customers and leads, and growing the venture.

Coast2CoastBusiness web site

In addition to this publication, Lisa Wells also provides an offering called the Business Finances Starter Kit. This package of electronic tools contains the following:

– Business Basics Checklist;

– Business Associates Information Form;

– Monthly Expense Checklist;

– Partnership checklist;

– Expense Budget Workbook;

– Income Snapshot Workbook;

– Travel Expense Workbook;

– Affiliate Income Tracking Workbooks;

– Goal-setting worksheets (using the SMART criteria);

– Profitability Analysis Worksheet;

– Expense Estimate Worksheet;

– Business Plan template.

This kit is a fee-based offering, and it can be purchased for the price of $19 US dollars at:


Note: there is a lifetime update offer for purchasing the forms packages at:


You can get the forms separately.

Here is the contact information for Lisa Wells:

email:  lisawells@coast2coastbusiness.com

web site:  www.coast2coastbusiness.com


However, please note that, in the audio episode, we remind the audience of the free Personal Productivity Premium Seminar called GAIN CONTROL OF YOUR DAY at www.gaincontrolofyourday.com/podcast. This course is free for the listener–both the audio episodes (nearly 3GB worth) and the discussion guides (which are the workbooks) for the training, which was originally delivered as a 5-month course (of 25 modules, with multiple episodes in each module).

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61- Personal review of tool called RESCUE TIME


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We deliver a review from a personal “first looks” at a tool which was recommended by a trusted friend, Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting. The tool is called RESCUE TIME at www.rescuetime.com.

Briefly, this application tries to automate the process of logging how your time is being spent online. It also has provisions for you to include entries when you are not on the system (e.g., in meetings, on the phone, out of your office, at lunch, during travel, etc.). It has a productivity pulse and other productivity charts that can give you a visual indication of your results.

As you will hear in this audio episode, I take a tour that includes a walk-through for the LITE VERSION (that is, the FREE version):

– starting at the promotion of the site;

– installing the application,

– looking at the settings,

– investigating the dashboards,

– looking at the reports and tools,

– viewing the options for customer support,

– and finally seeing the possibilities of upgrading to the PREMIUM version (which is the fee-based version, either monthly or for a year at a time).

In summary, we feel that this application may be a good start for those entrepreneurs who have no application to support logging time used, but who may need something to assist the beginnings of recording TIME AND BILLING. With the Premium Version, you can track and measure the information by the client, or project, or even as granular as the TASK.

If you wish to see a document with the screen prints of the entire process, then we have a file called rescue-time-install-screens.rtf for you to view.

NOTE: Please be advised that we captured all the screens in this one file. This was the quickest way to get the information to you, and you can scroll through this large file in either MS WordPad or MS Word(R).

This file is NOT in jpg format or png format, for those who are used to that file format.

If you do not wish to to view the screens, you can follow along with the walk-through by going to the product web site of www.rescuetime.com and following along with the audio episode.

Here is the link to DOWNLOAD the screens of the walk-through.

NOTE: for best results, we recommend that you download the file and open it with the accessory utility MS WordPad.

We plan to have interviews with other Personal Productivity specialists in the future, so that we can get a perspective of the tools they provide and the value they offer to their communities.

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60- Productivity Hint – How to overcome Procrastination


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The Personal Productivity Seminar was distributed for FREE to our listeners. Details of how to get all the episodes or the DVD with all the materials is given in episode 14 from the archives.

For those who may not be aware of these deliverables, we give you an archive version of a hint and tip to deal with Procrastination, both in audio and pdf format. The details are given below.

In this episode of Gain Control of Your Day, a Free Whitepaper is offered — both in PDF format, as well as audio mp3 format. It is called “A Productivity Hint: How to Deal with—and Overcome—Procrastination.”

This whitepaper will deal with one of the four major causes of procrastination, as you will see. Please remember that this is just one part of a module of the Personal Productivity Seminar (and there are over 25 modules with extra sub-modules contained in the course).

Please be advised that the FREE delivery of the Personal Productivity Seminar has been going on since February of 2013.

In addition to this audio episode that contains the contents of the Productivity Hint Whitepaper, you may also get the original pdf file of the whitepaper.

pdfico.jpgclick here. For the PDF document version of the White Paper,

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59- How the course and tools helped Dave Wilkes in an Entrepreneur environment


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A TESTIMONIAL: Once Skeptical, Dave Wilkes is now PRODUCTIVE


This is a RE-POST of episode 002 of this podcast series.

In this episode of Gain Control of Your Day, we share an interview with Dave Wilkes, who has been a Corporate employee, a contractor and who has also worked in Small-Business and Entrepreneurial America.

Although Dave was originally skeptical that he could benefit from taking the course (originally from the Q4 Systems Personal Productivity Seminar), hear in his own words how he was able to reduce his stress by 99 per cent from what he learned in the course.

See how Dave was able to manage an overwhelming workload by using the tools and techniques which he learned in the Productivity Seminar — such as Time-Linking®. Also, learn how Dave was able to make time for a relaxed personal life by keeping the stress and chaos “out of sight, out of mind–but in control.”tm

The original transcript in entirety is available.

For a transcript of this interview, click here to view the PDF document.

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