Introduction to the Productivity offerings in Gain Control of Your Day

In this first detailed episode of Gain Control of Your Day, we introduce the objectives of increasing productivity for Entrepreneurs, Online Marketers/Internet Marketers, Small Business Owners and Podcasters: . . . eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed . . . and learn how to —

– accomplish more

–  in less time

–  with better quality, and

–  with reduced stress.

For a transcript of this audio podcast, click here for the PDF file.

This free podcast series will present the information, as well as some hints and tips, to give you an overview of how you can improve your productivity–not just for your professional or business life, but also to enjoy your personal life, especially with the objectives that are important to you.

Hear from others how they benefited… This episode describes the free podcast series, including the testimonials and references given by others who have increased their productivity significantly, or by other entrepreneurs who were able to benefit from what they learned here and take their businesses to the next level.

The Productivity Seminar offering This podcast series describes the benefits of an offering from Matrix Solutions Corporation of a Productivity Seminar, which is being delivered to our participants via a separate Podcast offering. This seminar delivers proven tools and techniques that you can start using right away that help you increase your productivity–not just plain theory. So this Productivity Seminar will be delivered to those who sign up for it by the technology of a  Premium Podcast–to include:

– audio mp3 files with the discussion of the tools and the content;

– pdf whitepapers and charts or slides and other materials.

A study from Research firms show concrete, measurable results by using a SYSTEM that we teach in our Productivity Seminar which is offered separately. You can get more information by clicking on the button in the left-hand navigation bar. This Productivity Seminar is based on the course owned by Q4 Systems, Inc.

Based on your feedback, we want to meet your needs– By improving your productivity, you can then gain control of your day–which will then allow you to gain control of your life. That is what this Productivity Seminar is about–to address these challenges and issues that are important to you:

– Your desire to get valuable tools and techniques, not just boring lectures, theory and books or CDs;

– Your requirement to get measurable results to improve your productivity within 60 days;

– Your ability to make these lifelong skills into habits for your everyday life–both personal and professional.

The next few episodes will provide testimonials and references that show the benefits that others have realized from the Productivity Seminar.

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