Discussion with Stephanie Hale: An Entrepreneur can grow the business to the next level with Personal Productivity tools

This episode has a testimonial from a prior small business owner that saw the benefits and results from having taken the Personal Productivity course, as well as the improvements gained with her employees.

In this episode of Gain Control of Your Day, we have a discussion with  Stephanie Hale, the Director and Chief (and founder) of A Halo Effect  (previously known as SWH Consulting) which is a Marketing Consulting and Outreach firm in Pflugerville, Texas. She tells us how taking the Personal Productivity Seminar has helped her firm get to the next level by increasing the productivity of herself and her teams in her firm, as well as delivering professionalism and improving effectiveness in communications–along with many other benefits.

This testimonial serves as a case in point for Entrepreneurs who want to realize serious improvements that allow their business to focus on growth and delivering better service to their customers.

This interview took place at the headquarter location of LDH Technology, a firm that delivers web-based solutions, web sites, branding, identity design and graphics for other small businesses.

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