Personal Productivity Seminar value-Interview with Tom Connely of Q4 Systems

In this episode of Gain Control of Your Day, we hear Tom Connely, the president and CEO of Q4 Systems, Inc., address a group of people who have signed up to take the podcast-delivered course of the Personal Productivity Seminar.

Q4 Systems, Inc., is a firm based out of Dallas and Roanoke, Texas, since 1994 and is the company that owns the intelectual property of the copyrighted material for the Productivity Seminar, as well as the technique, methodologies and processes that form the Time-Link™  concept.
The value of this seminar–or workshop, as it is called–is described by Mr. Connely in terms of its objectives, history and positive performance of those who have taken it in the past years. In particular, the amount of time that is “freed up” for the seminar participants within 60 to 90 days of completing the course is quite remarkable (and Mr. Connely also describes the scientific study that was done to measure those results).

Also, the quality of the training is discussed–especially in the area of the certification and re-certification requirements of the instructors and trainers.

In addition, Tom Connely mentions the 15 per cent discount given to those who enroll in the podcast version of the Personal Productivity Seminar for Gain Control of Your Day for any of the materials from Q4 Systems, Inc.

Mr. Connely was also quoted in the September, 2007, Press Release that announced the availability of this seminar.

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