Productivity with PhoneTag- saving up to 2 hours per week

In this episode of Gain Control of Your Day, we have included a 10-minute review of an electronic service that can be a productivity tool for the entrepreneur, small business owner, internet/online marketer or podcaster — or anyone that has a need to work in a sales environment as part of his business or job.

Consolidating all the voice mail systems into one system that will transcribe and send you via either your email or text messaging system the transcript of the call (with additional mp3 or wav files, if you need ot hear the audio again within the email)–this can be a great help in saving you time and reducing your frustration and stress.

This review of the service known as PhoneTag is given by Timothy Sullivan, a podcaster who has the podcast series titled Selling Geek.

His experience shows that he can save up to 2 hours per week by using this tool. In addition, the rate plans offered by this service do not seem to be onerous to the sales professional or entrepreneur or small business owner with a limited budget.

Add to that the ability for you (as a listener of the Selling Geek podcast episode)  to get a free 30-day trial of the service–and you have a very attractive value proposition that can enhance your personal productivity in both professional and sales roles.

To get the free 30-day trial period (which is not normally publicized, as the web site only offers a one-week period), you can go to the web site of and look for the responses and comments. You will see there that the management of PhoneTag are making this offer of a free 30-day trial period for the listeners of Timothy Sullivan’s podcast.

We are going to take this through a test-drive of the trial period and then see if we will be using PhoneTag so we can make ourselves more productive for both a professional and personal life improvement.

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