Productivity tips for the “Solo-Preneur” and Freelancer

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This is a bonus episode of Gain Control of Your Day podcast series. It deals with hints and tips and recommendations given by several blog posts by Raj Dash, who is known as the Internet UltraGeek.

These posts deal with the challenges of being a “Solo-Preneur” (that is, an entrepreneur who has no one other than his own self to run and manage the business). Raj Dash also deals with Freelancers –as a matter of fact, his home page web site offers an ebook Guide for Freelancing.

In addition to these challenges, Raj offers some hints and tips go get you through the obstacles (both mental and emotional) when you are by yourself. These include socialization, client management and the need for social interaction.

Raj also gives some productivity hints and tips for the Freelancer and Solo-Preneur.

Thanks to Raj Dash for delivering these blog posts, which are narrated by the host of Gain Control of Your Day.

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