13- Feedback from Seminar participants and listener comments

In this episode of Gain Control of Your Day, we deliver a testimonial from one of the participants who signed up for the Personal Productivity Seminar, as well as comments and feedback from listeners and customers about the course.

In particular, we had a written testimonial from Resa Cross, a professional educator in North Carolina:


“…as I apply your incredible–yet simple—techniques, I CAN accomplish more, in less time, with better quality and reduced stress…much less stress!

“ Before your course, I felt hopeless, as every other system I had ever studied left me with gaps in application that suited my unique needs. Your course is the most complete, most practical, most hands-on learning I believe I have ever experienced.

“I wish I could study every topic through such a format…and with such clear, precise teaching.”

Resa Cross, a Professional Educator in North Carolina


We hope that this year will be your year of reaching your goals and becoming productive in your life, so that you can do more in less time with better quality and with reduced stress.

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