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Personal Productivity Seminar– Premium course & Time-Linking™

This course is being delivered as PREMIUM CONTENT in over 40 audio podcast episodes and modules (and other sub-modules), along with all the discussion guides, list of topics and other materials that are listed below.

However, the content of this course will be delivered at no charge to those who wish to consume or download the files from the web site in 2013.

The course is designed to be delivered in a timed manner, so that the listener will NOT be overwhelmed at once by getting every module and all the materials immediately.

Note:This course is not merely concepts. It contains the TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES to help implement real Productivity and build lifelong skills, so that one will internalize habits and have lifelong skills to:

-accomplish more

-in less time

-with better quality and

-with reduced stress.

This course can be delivered via the podcast series at the blog site over the next several months, so that the recipient can INTERNALIZE the training content — TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES – and make them lifelong habits.

Each module has been carefully created to be consumed in easy, bite-sized chunks and spaced out accordingly. Each module builds upon the other. Each is designed to be delivered IN SEQUENCE on a schedule. The course content in this podcast series can be delivered consistently – e.g., an episode each week or so until completion of the 40+ episodes in the 25 modules and accompanying sub-modules.

The following is a list and description of the course modules for the audio episodes and discussion guides, which will be published as part of the podcast series. The content is available for download or it can be streamed by listening via the audio player.


This course will NOT be available on iTunes(R)  via subscription.

This content is being delivered for the benefit of the Podcaster, Entrepreneur and Startup Communities at no charge. We hope that the value delivered will help build needed skills for Personal Productivity, since it has been my unfortunate experience to witness that these communities do not have the skills, or have not learned them or internalized them–so that they may be better entrepreneurs.



Module 1: The four qualities ofQ4: vision, organization, planning & focus.

-Goals, tools, short-term planning,360-degree validation;

-Dealing with the obvious

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3- Module 00 – Welcome to Gain Control of Your Day seminar

·mp3- Module 01 – About the course- Tom Connely of Q4 Systems

·mp3- Module 01, Part 1 – The 4 Qualities of the Q4 Performance Model

·mp3- Module 01, Part 2 – The Q4 model & levels of personal productivity


Module 2: Are you out of control?…details and mental traffic.

-Information Overload,clutter and stress

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Checkpoint: Review after Module 1

·mp3- Reviewing your objectives before Module 2

·mp3 – Module 2 – Mental Traffic and Details – are you out of control?


Module 3: “Time Management” doesn’t exist! Only Choice management does.

-A view of your choices and how it relates to your time.

-Value in choice management within the framework of time.

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3- Module 3 – Choice Management – and the “why”


Module 4: Are you wasting time during your day?


-Importance of recognizing them – and minimizing them

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 4- Are you wasting time during your day?


Module 5: How to Balance Your Life within the Framework of Time

-Improving the 7 areas of your life

-What you need to achieve balance

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 5 – Balance your life within the framework of time


Module 6: The Foundation: Creating Goals for Personal and Professional Life

-Goal-setting – and how it differs from other approaches

-Coming up with goals that are meaningful to you

-How to make your goals living elements for lifelong benefit

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3- Module 6 – Foundation: GOALS for professional & personal life


Module 7: How Productivity Relates Directly to Habits

-Importance of habits – forming them within the framework of time

-The impact of good and bad habits within your productivity

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 7- How Productivity directly relates to habits


Module 8: The Control Center: Your Key to Productivity and Organization

-How a Control Center differs from ‘tools’

-The Baseline Center – the common denominator

-Incorporating other tools into your Control Center

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Checkpoint after Module 7: Concepts-tools-techniques-systems

·mp3 – Module 8A – The Control Center and How it Helps you

·mp3 – Module 8B – Organizer Overview and walk-through

·mp3 – Module 8C – How some tools are used


Module 9: Time-Linking – What it is and how it works

-The elements of Time-Linking and how they relate

-Implementing Time-Linking within your environment

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 9 – Time Linking: What it is and how it works


Module 10: Learning Time-Linking and Making it Second-Nature

-Practical application and exercises

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 10 – Learning the technique of Time-Linking


Module 11: Effective management of Communications: One key to Productive Professionalism

-Methodologies for Communication and Organization- Part One

-Avoid “letting things slip through the cracks”

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 11A- Effective Communications & Time-Linking- Part 1

·mp3 – Module 11B – Communications & Time-Linking – Part 2

·mp3 – Module 11C – Communications & Time-Linking – Part 3

·mp3 – Module 11D – Exercises and Customizing Notations


Module 12: Planning Methodology for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

-Methodologies for Productivity and Organization – Part 2

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Checkpoint after Module 11: Form the Habit of Time-Linking™

·mp3 – Module 12: Planning Overview and the methodology


Module 13: Managing Multiple Projects for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

-Implementing practical Project Management – Practical application

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 13A – Managing Multiple Projects – Part 1

·mp3 – Module 13B – Planning & Managing Multiple Projects – Part 2


Module 14: How to free up time for your high-priority Tasks and Projects

-Practical application and measuring your results

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 14- Free Up Time for your High-Priority Projects & Tasks


Module 15: Methodologies to help you internalize the system and get immediate results

-Methodologies for Productivity and Organization – Part 3

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 15- Methodology for Planning your day – Introduction


Module 16: How to Gain Control of Your Day

-Using tools & techniques to deal with daily chaos and activities

-Unplanned activities and critical activities within your priorities

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 16A- Planning Your Day – Part 1 – Practical application

·mp3 – Module 16B – Planning Your Day – Part 2 – Practical application

·mp3- Module 16C – Planning Your Day – Practical Applications

·mp3 – Module 16D – Daily Planning Practical Applications for Entrepreneurs


Module 17: How to overcome Resistance to Improving

-Determining “resistors” in your environment and dealing with them

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Checkpoint before Module 17 – Daily Planning Steps & Patience

·mp3- Module 17 – Overcoming Resistance to Improvement


Module 18: Dealing with – and overcoming — Procrastination

-Common causes of Procrastination – recognizing and addressing them

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 18A – Overcoming Procrastination – part 1

·mp3 – Module 18B – Overcoming Procrastination – Part 2


Module 19: How to deal with clutter effectively

-Paper clutter in your business, office, home-office, home, etc.

-Managing electronic clutter

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 19A – Dealing with clutter – part 1

·mp3 – Module 19B – Dealing with clutter – part 2


Module 20: How to keep score and win in the ‘game of productivity’

-Importance of declaring ‘victory’ in your environment

-Importance of methods to measure your results quickly

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 20- How to keep score and WIN in Productivity


Module 21: Focus within productivity – the 360 degree requirement

-Importance of 360-degree validation within your environment

-Using Time-Linking™ and tools for implementing 360-degree validation

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 21 – The 360-degree requirement in Productivity


Module 22: Using the System with Microsoft® Outlook®

-Samples, examples, scenarios, resources

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 22A (not available any more)

·mp3 – Module 22B – Productivity Hints when using MS Outlook


Module 23: Other Productivity Topics and Techniques for your success

-Scenarios, resources and practical application

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 23 – Other Productivity Topics for your success


Module 24: How to Gain Control of Your Life

-Planning for the future when you have control of your day

-Integrating your tools and techniques with your long-term goals

-After the contract with yourself: Next steps and recommendations

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Module 24- How to Gain Control of Your LIFE


Module 25: FAQ and Bonus material

-Frequently asked questions

-Files delivered via podcast:

·mp3 – Productivity enhanced with APP- review by Tim Sullivan

·mp3 – Bonus episode: Productivity Hints for the Solo-Preneur & Freelancer


The above list describes the modules and mp3 audio episodes. Please be advised that there are also DISCUSSION GUIDES that will be available. These documents are the workbooks for each module and episode. Think of them as the documents for the self-directed EXERCISES from which you can gain PRACTICAL APPLICATION and develop the habits.
For a detailed list of the total pdf and audio  files included in the contents for the course, please click here for the pdf document.

As you will hear in this audio episode, you may prefer to get ALL the content at once, so that you do not have to wait for each module to be published  every week. You can receive every module, every episode and every bit of material for the course on a DVD disc with ALL the content, including:

– all the mp3 files;

– all the Table of Contents and Lists of Topics;

– all the Discussion Guides and Exercise Workbooks.

You can get all the content starting in March of 2013 on a DVD disc. It will be delivered to you via mail. The package will have a tracking number, so that you can follow its course and be assured of receiving it. The cost for this all-inclusive disc is $10 US. This cost includes the taxes, shipping-and-handling charges, as well as royalty payments for the content of the course. Please be advised that the $10 charge is only for cost-recovery. In fact, it only covers the above-mentioned costs for producing the disc and sending it to the requester.

You can order the DVD disc with all the content by sending an email to:

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Note: the offer for the DVD with all the content for the course is only offered for recipients living in the United States of America.

Note: because we are giving this content away at no charge (or the DVD for cost-recovery only), we will NOT be using PayPal or doing other electronic payments. The check or money order is preferred for tracking purposes and guaranty of the disc being delivered to you via USPS with tracking number.

Please enjoy the content and we hope you benefit from the value of this course to deliver lifelong skills for Personal Productivity.

Final note: The prior podcast episodes (from episode 1 up to, and including, episode 13A, may still be available as content for a “back-catalog” on the web site. However, the content of these episodes is NOT CURRENT and NOT VALID, insofar as dates and prices and promotions or webinars or consultations are concerned. The former is content that was valid when the product was originally launched in 2008, but is only useful for historical purposes now.

But some of the interviews  and feedback about the course may be relevant for those of you who would be interested in getting the content and downloading the episodes and materials of the Premium Podcast Seminar course.

Therefore, any statements made within episode 1 to episode 13A, inclusive, are no longer valid in terms of pricing, availability, webinars, consultation, warranties and/or guaranties — especially since there is no fee or charge for getting the content, since it is downloadable for free. Only the disc with ALL the episodes and materials is being offered for the nominal cost-recovery charge of $10 US. dollars.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to

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In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the updated premium productivity seminar course.

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