15- Module 00- Perspective and Mindset to get the most out of the Personal Productivity course.



This is Module 00 of the Personal Productivity Podcast Seminar called Gain Control of Your Day.

In this episode, we describe the perspective and mindset that would help you to take this course and benefit from it. We describe what the course is NOT, and what it is — especially with the benefits of what it can be for YOU.

We also spend time in the structure of the course and the suggestions of how to take the course (over a period of time when episodes will be downloaded consistently) for maximum value and results.

In addition, we give a description of the modules and the content and topics that will be delivered in the episodes within each module. You can view the list of the modules and their content in a separate document.

Select this link to view the pdf document of ALL the Content.

Finally, as you will hear in this audio episode, we deliver the qualifications of the instructor — as a certified trainer to teach this course, as well as from experience in teaching this course to Corporate America, the Public Sector, Educational institutions and schools — and, most of all, entrepreneurs, small business owners and startups.

The next few episodes will deliver the content from Module 1 via this site. After that, an audio episode will follow that will be a wrap-up of Module 1. Then Modules 2 through 25 will be delivered, with an episode each week.

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