17- The Q4 Model and Levels of Personal Productivity- Premium Seminar Course- Module 1, Part 2


This is part two of Module 1 of the Personal Productivity Podcast Seminar called Gain Control of Your Day.


In this audio episode, we deliver the content that deals with the Q4 Performance Model and the levels of Personal Productivity.

The Discussion Guide for Module 1, part one, also contains the remaining workbook pages for this module. You can review the pdf document in the link, below.

Select this link for the pdf document of the Discussion Guide for Module 1.

You can get the list of topics for module 1 in the link, below:

 Select this link for the pdf document with the topics for Module 1.

The next audio episode will be a wrap-up of Module 1 and setting the stage for the rest of the course, modules 2 to 25.

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