19- Mental Traffic and Details – Are you out of control? -Premium Seminar Course, Module 2


How do we get out of control in managing our Personal Productivity?

Well, sometimes we are overwhelmed with DETAILS that bombard our professional and personal lives. In addition, we carry with us MENTAL TRAFFIC that causes interruptions, distractions, frustrations, fear, anguish and delays of starting tasks that are priorities. Many times, this results in wasting time, burning minutes away and not starting the tasks that we know have to be addressed.


This episode describes what DETAILS and MENTAL TRAFFIC are and how to address them, so that we can learn to put them out of sight and out of mind — but to be in control.

The DISCUSSION GUIDE is a type of “workbook” in pdf document format. It contains the charts, as well as the exercises for this module.

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Here is a module where we can start to learn that we need to find a way to “earn the right to forget” about the details, so that we can be productive.

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