25A- Important information about the course – Module 7B



In this audio episode, we deliver important information about the course and the differences with the current content of the course and the original Premium Course offered years ago. These differences are explained and updated so that you may know that there are no webinars or free consultation sessions available any more–since it is being delivered at no charge and free to our community, and since the infrastructure to host these does not exist any more.

The other items discussed are the quality of the charts (due to a failure in the archive hardware that rendered the original files unrecoverable), as well as the FORMS that are referenced. You can make your own forms on either a smart phone or tablet device (or your computer or PDA device). The paper forms are no longer available in entirety from the original vendors, and thus, it is up to you to create or obtain similar forms from other vendors. Some are referenced in this audio episode.

Also, there is a discount given to the listeners of this podcast premium course by Q4 Systems, Inc. Just follow the instructions given in the audio episode when you get to the given link on the Internet.

Disclaimer: we are delivering the content of this webinar at no charge AS IS, without any express or implied warranty. We do not know if Q4 Systems, Inc. or its vendors will be supplying the forms at a fee for the listeners of this podcast. They have withdrawn the calendars, and they may withdraw any or all the forms as they choose. You may want to investigate creating your own forms (electronically or on paper), as is stated in the audio episode.

And finally, we discuss the interview in the audio episode concerning Microsoft Outlook (R) There are a few bits of information and update about resources mentioned in that interview. This episode will be coming later in the course. Be advised that the original episode on Lotus Notes (R) has been deleted, since it was based on a specific version of the product in a corporate environment. Thus, to avoid confusion and outdated information, we have chosen to remove this audio episode.

We apologize for this inconvenience. However, the value to you of the content of this course will work with ANY tools that you may use. The Methodologies and the processes are of value for you to internalize habits that can be lifelong and proven skills for you, so that you can:

-accomplish more;

-in less time;

-with better quality; and

-with reduced stress.

We look forward to delivering the remainder of the course over the podcast series.

The next episode will be Module 8 and the discussion of the Control Center.

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