48- Productivity Hint – How to deal with Procrastination


In this episode of Gain Control of Your Day, a Free Whitepaper is offered — both in PDF format, as well as audio mp3 format. It is called “A Productivity Hint: How to Deal with—and Overcome—Procrastination.”

This whitepaper will deal with one of the four major causes of procrastination, as you will see. Please remember that this is just one part of a module of the Personal Productivity Seminar (and there are over 25 modules with extra sub-modules contained in the course).

Please be advised that the FREE delivery of the Personal Productivity Seminar has been going on since February of 2013.

In addition to this audio episode that contains the contents of the Productivity Hint Whitepaper, you may also get the original pdf file of the whitepaper.

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