59- How the course and tools helped Dave Wilkes in an Entrepreneur environment


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A TESTIMONIAL: Once Skeptical, Dave Wilkes is now PRODUCTIVE


This is a RE-POST of episode 002 of this podcast series.

In this episode of Gain Control of Your Day, we share an interview with Dave Wilkes, who has been a Corporate employee, a contractor and who has also worked in Small-Business and Entrepreneurial America.

Although Dave was originally skeptical that he could benefit from taking the course (originally from the Q4 Systems Personal Productivity Seminar), hear in his own words how he was able to reduce his stress by 99 per cent from what he learned in the course.

See how Dave was able to manage an overwhelming workload by using the tools and techniques which he learned in the Productivity Seminar — such as Time-Linking®. Also, learn how Dave was able to make time for a relaxed personal life by keeping the stress and chaos “out of sight, out of mind–but in control.”tm

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