61- Personal review of tool called RESCUE TIME


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We deliver a review from a personal “first looks” at a tool which was recommended by a trusted friend, Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting. The tool is called RESCUE TIME at www.rescuetime.com.

Briefly, this application tries to automate the process of logging how your time is being spent online. It also has provisions for you to include entries when you are not on the system (e.g., in meetings, on the phone, out of your office, at lunch, during travel, etc.). It has a productivity pulse and other productivity charts that can give you a visual indication of your results.

As you will hear in this audio episode, I take a tour that includes a walk-through for the LITE VERSION (that is, the FREE version):

– starting at the promotion of the site;

– installing the application,

– looking at the settings,

– investigating the dashboards,

– looking at the reports and tools,

– viewing the options for customer support,

– and finally seeing the possibilities of upgrading to the PREMIUM version (which is the fee-based version, either monthly or for a year at a time).

In summary, we feel that this application may be a good start for those entrepreneurs who have no application to support logging time used, but who may need something to assist the beginnings of recording TIME AND BILLING. With the Premium Version, you can track and measure the information by the client, or project, or even as granular as the TASK.

If you wish to see a document with the screen prints of the entire process, then we have a file called rescue-time-install-screens.rtf for you to view.

NOTE: Please be advised that we captured all the screens in this one file. This was the quickest way to get the information to you, and you can scroll through this large file in either MS WordPad or MS Word(R).

This file is NOT in jpg format or png format, for those who are used to that file format.

If you do not wish to to view the screens, you can follow along with the walk-through by going to the product web site of www.rescuetime.com and following along with the audio episode.

Here is the link to DOWNLOAD the screens of the walk-through.

NOTE: for best results, we recommend that you download the file and open it with the accessory utility MS WordPad.

We plan to have interviews with other Personal Productivity specialists in the future, so that we can get a perspective of the tools they provide and the value they offer to their communities.

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