062- Lisa Wells shows 50 ways to get your time back


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From an Entrepreneur who provides tools for the Virtual Assistant, Lisa Wells has a business at her web site www.Coast2Coastbusiness.com.

Lisa has put together a free ebook called 50 Ways I can save you money and give you your time back.
This audio episode is the audio narration of that publication, which you can get at the web site of www.coast2coastbusiness.com.

There are productivity savings in the action items and several sections that she delivers to entrepreneurs for tasks that can be delegated or outsourced to a virtual assistant. And that leaves the entrepreneur available to use the freed-up time for managing the business, creating the value — creating content, pursuing sales and customers and leads, and growing the venture.

Coast2CoastBusiness web site

In addition to this publication, Lisa Wells also provides an offering called the Business Finances Starter Kit. This package of electronic tools contains the following:

– Business Basics Checklist;

– Business Associates Information Form;

– Monthly Expense Checklist;

– Partnership checklist;

– Expense Budget Workbook;

– Income Snapshot Workbook;

– Travel Expense Workbook;

– Affiliate Income Tracking Workbooks;

– Goal-setting worksheets (using the SMART criteria);

– Profitability Analysis Worksheet;

– Expense Estimate Worksheet;

– Business Plan template.

This kit is a fee-based offering, and it can be purchased for the price of $19 US dollars at:


Note: there is a lifetime update offer for purchasing the forms packages at:


You can get the forms separately.

Here is the contact information for Lisa Wells:

email:  lisawells@coast2coastbusiness.com

web site:  www.coast2coastbusiness.com


However, please note that, in the audio episode, we remind the audience of the free Personal Productivity Premium Seminar called GAIN CONTROL OF YOUR DAY at www.gaincontrolofyourday.com/podcast. This course is free for the listener–both the audio episodes (nearly 3GB worth) and the discussion guides (which are the workbooks) for the training, which was originally delivered as a 5-month course (of 25 modules, with multiple episodes in each module).

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