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18- Wrap-up of Module 1 and “setting the stage” for the rest of the Course


Welcome to the Personal Productivity Seminar Podcast course of Gain Control of Your Day.

This episode reviews the method of instruction, theory, examples and exercises within the Discussion Guide for the course. It also sets the stage by giving you the benefits of the course in terms of internalizing the skills by forming lifelong habits. There is a review explanation to describe WHY the course is structured the way it is, and the importance of daily self-discipline in taking the course.

We tell why we feel that other offerings which promise to make you more productive by means other than by practical application, exercises, internalizing habits and daily self-discipline (e.g., by only wearing a hat, wearing visors or glasses, or just reading or listening to content) may be unrealistic, instead of creating skills by internalizing habits for Personal Productivity.

As you will hear in this audio episode, patience and practice of the exercises (from practical application given in the Discussion Guides, aka “workbooks”) are key ingredients in forming the habits and internalizing them to cement lifelong skills into proven Personal Productivity (from data gathered over 20 years of this course).

Again, each audio episode and set of pdf documents will be delivered on the blog and podcast site IN SEQUENCE each week.

The next audio episode will be:

Module 2 – Are You Out of Control? . . .Details and Mental Traffic.

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